Indian Plate

Spice up your lunch with flavours from Indian Plate.
14-15th april at Livet-Tranquil, Läppstiftet, Gothenburg.

​As chefs and food lovers memories of our travels around the world tend to be solely focused on memories of flavours, scents and experiences of the local cuisine. In times of less travelling and more home nesting we take great comfort in transporting ourselves to faraway places through the food on our plate. Those memories and experiences have been poured into our popup-kitchen Indian Plate! ​

The menu at Indian plate sees re-creations and interpretations of some of our personal favourite dishes from the diverse cuisines of the Indian subcontinent. This time around we’ve cherry picked a menu to pay homage to all that we love about the Indian kitchen - the exciting flavours, the vibrant colours the enticing scents. But don’t be surprised if next time we visit you’ll find influences from Sri Lanka or Bangladesh or Pakistan – we are here to celebrate the food cultures cooked and enjoyed in the countries covered by the Indian plate!*

*Want to score some TP-knowledge? As food lovers a plate for us is filled with food we love, but in this instance it also refers to the minor tectonic Indian Plate, that happens to cover quite a few of our favourite food countries. Tectonic plates are pieces of Earth’s crust and if you head over to Wikipedia there’s plenty more TP-knowledge to score. In the meantime – enjoy your Indian Plate lunch!